Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fuck Cancer!

I'm not just saying it out loud for everyone to hear, I'm screaming it at the top of my lungs 

Fuck Cancer!

For causing her unimaginable pain and incomprehensible stress. For filling her medicine cabinets with toxic medications and her purse with an unlimited supply of tissues. For taking her hair and the color in her face. For the mouth sores and the constant nausea. For turning her life upside down and taking away things like stability, comfort and peace of mind. For making it impossible for her to sleep through the night and for forcing her to learn how to cope with virtually anything.

Fuck Cancer!

For taking away her new-found career and her ability to think on her feet. For giving her a taste of hope and then taking it all away with the discovery of two new tumors. For slowly hacking away at her self-confidence and her ability to take care of her family. For making it virtually impossible for her to stay on top of medical decisions and mounting medical bills. For making her future uncertain.

Fuck Cancer!

For thinking you are in control and for doing your best to break her. Despite all of your efforts, she is STILL here and she is STILL fighting. She is so strong. So much stronger than you think. Despite all of it, she continues to love wholeheartedly. In spite of you, she continues to be a Wife and a Mom, a Daughter and a Sister, an Aunt and a Niece, a Godmother and a Cousin, a Friend and a Hero to everyone who meets her. 

Despite you, she lives.
She breathes.
She smiles and she laughs.
She hugs and she kisses.
She is still the same beautiful person, inside and out.
And you will never take that away.

Fuck Cancer!


ADSchill said...

Very heartbreaking, yet inspiring post. I'm sorry she and your family are having to go through this unimaginable time. I pray she fights her way to health once again.

Missy said...

Oh my dear sweet friend, I am so sorry I didn't see your comment until now. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement. I miss you! Are you on FB or IG? I'd love to stay connected but I am rarely on blogger anymore. Just not enough hours in the day to write.